Turn every £1 of ad spend
in to £9.50 of revenue

Customers who work with us get an average 9.5x ROI

If you’ve ever looked at your bottom line and wanted more, then you’re in the right place. Our average customer experiences a 950% return on their investment.

We deploy sophisticated Google and Facebook advertising strategies to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors to leads and sales, and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Delivering consistent, predictable revenue to you – we manage everything – you sit back and reap the rewards.

Increse In ROI
Return on investment for Technology Outlet
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Be Very Selective About Who You Work With

We are.

Many digital advertising agencies and consultants are doing pay per click and native advertising wrong. They focus merely on traffic and clicks. Our number one priority is generating you sales.

We are proud of our results and it’s important we preserve them. Simply put, that means we’re not for everyone.

If we can’t confidently deliver you a handsome ROI then we won’t take your money.

Who we’re not for:

  • I’m impatient, I expect immediate results
  • I don’t listen to specialist advice
  • I like to dictate to my service providers
  • I don’t have an appetite for growth
  • I just want help setting up my account

Who we’re great for:

  • My ad budget is at least £5k/month
  • I’ve reliable, historical analytics data
  • I know my business goals and numbers
  • I communicate clearly and timely
  • I trust and invite specialist advice
Darren McCowan
“In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, it’s refreshing to deal with experts where integrity is at the forefront of everything they do.”
– Darren McCowan, Marketing Manager

There’s a Reason Why 97% of Our Customers Stick Around

We’re good, we’re really good.

Having developed and implemented the exact same processes and frameworks to grow our own business by over 100%, year-on-year, we practise what we preach.

Our customers benefit from this relentless drive to improve ROI and drive growth.

No matter if you’re an experienced or new advertiser, the growth opportunities found via Google and Facebook advertising is compelling.

Ram Vadlamani, Strategist at Google
“An aptitude for marketing, exceptional Google product knowledge and strategic thinking. I would certainly recommend Midas for any project.”
- Ram Vadlamani, Strategist at Google

Let’s Start As We Mean to Go On

Before we even consider taking a penny of your hard earned money, we need to access your situation in detail.

We will never – ever – sell to you on the first call.

The first step of the journey is about understanding you and your business, so let’s get started:

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Paul Jeffords

"You guys are on top of things. We did great profit last quarter and we're ahead of last year by 3 months. We're very happy indeed!"

"We're so busy - honestly, I couldn't be happier. We’ve never had so much money in the bank."

Darren McCowan

"In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, it’s refreshing to deal with experts where integrity is at the forefront of everything they do."