Leonardo; Artifical Intelligence for Google Ads

Get More Traffic & Conversions - Faster & Cheaper Than Your Competitors

We developed Leonardo to accelerate your Google Ads performance.

With deep analysis across all your marketing channels, Leonardo will predict near-future outcomes and adjust targeting and bids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Leonardo constantly analyses your account to find inefficiencies, new opportunities and optimal configuration changes.

Thanks to Leonardo, work that would otherwise take days to complete is now done within a fraction of the time.

Leonardo A.I.

24/7 real-time analysis of your advertising spend and conversion data
Predicts the optimal bid of each eligible auction based on every available signal
Adjusts targeting and bids in real-time faster - and more accurately - than any human can

AI Built to Beat Your Competitors

Running deep analysis on millions of data points, Leonardo understands anomalies and adjusts course before they have a chance to damage your profits.

Leonardo is Your Competitive Edge

We built Leonardo not to replace us, but to enhance our work by analysing deeper and faster than any human (or team of humans) could ever achieve on their own.

Get AI Enhanced Google Ads Performance

Combined with our already marketing leading expertise, we’re a top UK pay per click agency who confidently perform well above our weight.

  • Get more leads and sales from your ad spend
  • Beat your competitors with an artificial intelligence edge
  • Significantly increased output without additional agency hours
  • Get Millions of bid and targeting adjustements, instantly

Does Your Business Qualify?

  • Leonardo AI is for existing advertisers
  • Spending at least £10,000 (or $15,000) each month
  • AI + Management Fee starts at £2,500 per month

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we supercharge your Google Ad performance.

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Paul Jeffords

"You guys are on top of things. We did great profit last quarter and we're ahead of last year by 3 months. We're very happy indeed!"

"We're so busy - honestly, I couldn't be happier. We’ve never had so much money in the bank."

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