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Google Customer Match Adds Email Marketing to its Arsenal

Right now there’s a shift happening in the realm of email marketing. Google Customer Match has begun specifically targeting email with consumer advertising in mind. This service is going to allow an advertiser to upload email address lists to AdWords and then directly broadcast relevant advertisement to individuals on that list.

Advertising where expenditure directly correlates with interaction and relevance mixed with hyper-targeting is at the heart of this. Google’s Customer Match can help build a closer relationship between marketers and their clients through a personal touch that has proven difficult in the past.

Mixing things up

Looking at previous frameworks for online advertising, you’ll find that targeting consumers often means ads are based on bids and traffic. While this targeting is effective to an extent, it’s not nearly as effective as having an email list of verifiably interested individuals. An email list unbridles targeting efforts, meaning they no longer have to rely on cookies and traffic bids.

Opt-in and email marketing elements are much more congruent with current marketing standards and can provide far more relevant advertising.google customer match email

For small businesses that want to take advantage of this it’s important to be aware of certain elements before jumping into the fray of Google Customer Match. They include the following notes:

Minimum Email

Email lists can only be uploaded providing they surpass 1,000 addresses. With this threshold, some small businesses may struggle to utilise the feature as 1,000 conversions is no easy target for smaller entities.


The email list must go through a verification process which will weed out spam and fake addresses that aren’t tied to the consumer.

Going For Lateral Audiences

Google accounts that are similar in email will get cast into a new list where targeted marketing will go to consumers that are using YouTube as well as Gmail, giving a new awareness for the business that previously wasn’t possible.

Email Marketing, Google Style

Whilst this is a new development for Google, it’s based on ideas that many internet marketers have already been working with. Generating leads, conversions, and more through email marketing is nothing new. However, Google brings to the table something very valuable to email: verification, and the power of AdWords.

The retargeting approach is going to harness the power of these platforms and deliver a lot more relevant traffic to your business, as well as opt ins and information to those that are verifiably interested in the industries that small businesses occupy.

Yield More Targeted Ad Clicks

Overall, Google Customer Match will help those with decent-sized email lists yield much more targeted advertising. However, 1,000 emails is nothing to scoff at and the average small business may not be able to start immediately. Building an email list is more critical than ever, especially if more and more businesses try to jump into this form of advertising.

It’ll be interesting to see if this pans out well for both Google and advertisers seeking relevance.

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