Get Ready For Facebook Certification Badges

In a move that is sure to draw parallels with competitor Google, Facebook recently announced that it is launching the Blueprint Certification, a new means of demonstrating mastery of Facebook’s marketing tools. Via Facebook’s online learning course ‘Blueprint’, agencies and individuals can become officially certified by Facebook as being professional marketers who are proficient in areas such as ad creation and page management.

The certification is broken down (for now) into two distinct categories, Facebook Certified Planning Professional (FCPP) and Facebook Certified Buying Professional (FCBP).

Facebook Certified Planning Professional (FCPP)


To be awarded the FCPP credential, candidates have to show a high level of competency in planning ad campaigns. Broken down this includes skills such as page management and putting into practice Facebook ad objectives.


Facebook Certified Buying Professional (FCBP)

facebook certified buying professional

The FCBP credential is for those who have displayed an aptitude in Facebook ad creation and buying. The skill set necessary to achieve this includes the management and creation of Facebook ads, understanding and reporting of ad KPIs and understanding the Facebook Pixel.

Both certifications are valid for twelve months, at which point individuals are required to re-certify for a further twelve months.

The benefits

By becoming certified Facebook assures us it will help “digital advertising professionals differentiate themselves in a competitive job market”.

The beauty of this of course is that marketers can attribute a tangible credential to their name. This is especially useful in the world of online marketing, which is often flooded with people whose competency is questionable. On the one hand you will have some brilliant marketers who are always ahead of the curve; on the other you will have amateurs – individuals who claim a greater level of ability that is perhaps… over generous. The problem is that on paper, both kinds of marketer look the same.

Certification, such as the type being offered by Facebook, allow for competency in this field to be validated in a concrete way. The badges shown above can be placed on your page, your website, other social media platforms and also your email signature to allow for optimum exposure.

Whether certifications offered by platforms will eventually have more weight than traditional marketing degrees is questionable, but regardless we predict this new facet of Facebook will make a big impact in the marketing world.

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