Facebook Ad Management (For Scale & Speed)

Revenue-boosting strategies that turn browsers into buyers


Almost 100 unique data points to sift powerful leads from over a billion daily users

Thriving traffic, infectious brand awareness and leads swarming in to your sales funnel like it was a black hole.

That’s what we all want, right? But we both know it’s not that simple.

Facebook advertising harnesses the unique features that have made Facebook the phenomenon it is today. By nestling your adverts in a news feed that has become a principal part of our social lives, there is an unprecedented potential for reaching new people. And with its powerful targeting, never before have you been able to identify and reach the perfect audience like this.

We chase Facebook (so you don’t have to)

Facebook is fluid, it’s a platform that never stands still and never plateaus. It’s a full-time occupation to simply stay up-to-date on the latest features, something many businesses can’t afford. Our team of experts are in a constant state of research to ensure our strategies are on the cutting edge and most powerful around.

Ads that work with your sales process

There are some agencies that can create amazing adverts that really sell your product. They then waste them by targeting an audience who are not even slightly invested yet. At Midas, we understand the temperature difference between leads. We craft introductory ads to get people interested in your brand, take them on a brand journey and only when we’re confident they’re ready to commit do we go for the sale.

We know small and medium businesses

Because we are one! While some of our bigger clients have a bit more legroom with their ambitions, we most enjoy transforming an SME budget into something powerful, and scaling it as the business grows.

Strategies that mould to your business needs

Stock strategies would work if every business was the same. But because we’re all different, we understand the need to employ unique strategies for each and every one of our clients. Your needs are the basis in which we plan our work. When there’s a target to be smashed, we don’t bother with anything less.


Frequently Asked Questions

What strategy will you implement?

If you’ve previously used Facebook Ads, our initial campaign review will highlight areas that are underperforming and wasting your budget. The foundation of our work at this point will be to improve these areas and measured with mutually agreed KPIs.

If you’ve not used Facebook Ads before, we’ll create a strategy that suits your current business condition. We’ll agree with you what needs to be done and how we’ll do it, whether it’s more traffic, awareness, leads, or a combination.

What does your research process look like?

If you’ve already advertised on Facebook, we’ll take a look at your historical campaigns, taking note of your metrics to see how they stack up. We’ll also see how you’re performing compared to you competitors and how receptive your existing audience is to your product.

If you’ve not advertised before, we’ll jump straight to competitor and market research. We’ll be pinpointing precisely where your business currently resides in the industry while plotting out a larger chunk of the market for you to inhabit. This includes researching your audience using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool, as well as qualitative methods such as questionnaires.

How will your work get me ahead of my competitors?

What competitors do is out of your control. We’ll monitor their activity to always place your strategy in the most advantageous position, but ultimately we focus on your results alone.

What kind of results can you guarantee?

Anyone who guarantees results like a tripled follower count in a month or a dozen extra conversions a week is probably lying to you. The truth is, nobody can guarantee results. However, we treat your budget like it’s our own and have a healthy outlook when it comes to setting objectives. We’ll agree KPIs with you beforehand so progress can be tracked – we’re only winning if you’re winning.

How will you measure success?

It’s vital that we understand your goals and motivations, so part of our set up process is to really flesh out exactly what it is you’re striving for. Then we’ll agree a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) that represent the trajectory of your needs and expectations.

Can we speak to an existing Facebook Advertising client of yours?

Of course!


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