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“…they’re our only marketing channel, and I trust them
with every penny of my budget.

More Profitable From Ecommerce

Reduction in Cost Per Sale
Reduction in Cost per Sale
Increse In Mobile Conversion Rate
Increase in Per session Value
Increse In Ecommerce Conversion Rate
ROAS Shopping, Search & Display

The market leader, established for over 15 years and the biggest independent retailer of guitar accessories and equipment in the UK – Strings Direct we're obviously doing something right!

Paul Jefford, director, approached Midas to tackle their biggest issue for growth, “if we spend more on ads, our ROI seems to drop”. As a result Paul had admittedly lost a little faith in Google AdWords.

Looking for a partner Paul was quick to emphasise he wanted "an extension of us, wanting to grow our brand and allow us to concentrate on running the business well for our customers."

In an industry where margins are tight, pressure is on marketing to generate sales profit, not just headline revenue. "We get a personal service with Midas…we are able to bounce ideas off them."

Initially we agreed the best course of action was to maintain spend with a view to increasing profits through ongoing deep analysis and shopping campaign optimisation. The results speak for themselves, and with more to come.

How We Did It

  • - Google Shopping
  • - Search & Display
  • - Analytics Consulting
  • - Remarketing
Strings Direct
Strings Direct Logo

The market leader, established for over 15 years and the biggest independent retailer of guitar accessories and equipment in the UK.

Paul Jeffords
“You guys are on top of things. We did great profit last quarter and we're ahead of last year by 3 months. We're very happy indeed!”
- Paul Jefford, Director

Revenue Hits An All Time High

Increse In ROI
Increase in Monthly Sales Revenue
Increse In Mobile Conversion Rate
Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate
Increse In Ecommerce Conversion Rate
Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate

Getting in front of the right customers was proving Technology Outlet’s biggest challenge. The retailer wasn’t in a strong enough position to capitalise on the Internet’s demand for their products.

When Managing Director Tim Gray approached us with this problem, we formulated a strategy that set out to double online revenue in 3 months. A lofty goal, but one we were confident of achieving through Google and Facebook pay per click.

"Normally when people call, it’s to moan!" joked Tim, but thankfully he continued, "I just wanted to say thank you for the work and support."

"I’m very, very pleased with the ways things have performed since we moved to Midas Media."

How We Did It

  • - Facebook Adverts
  • - Google AdWords
  • - Conversion Optimisation
  • - Remarketing
Technology Outlet
Technology Outlet

Online retailer selling 3D Printers and accessories, to the UK and abroad, through Amazon and their Shopify powered website.

“Revenue’s what I look at, and that’s now doubled - I’m a happy chappy!”
- Tim Grey, Managing Director


Increse In Revenue
Increase in Revenue from PPC
Decrease In CPC
Decrease in Cost per Conversion
ROI form Annual Marketing Spend
ROI from Annual Marketing Spend

Having searched high and low for a marketing partner that actually communicated their offering in plain English, Answer-4u were "happy to come across the team at Midas Media".

Marketing Manager Darren approached us after being burnt by a previous service provider. The incumbent agency had unfortunately, done more harm than good. Sound familiar?

We were charged with overturning the issues and rebuilding trust in the benefits and business rewards of digital marketing.

A few months in Darren remarked "Positive first impressions have quickly turned into utter confidence in their ability to deliver the results promised." Finishing with the two humbling words, "highly recommended."

How We Did It

  • - Google AdWords
  • - Bing Advertising
  • - Conversion Optimisation
  • - Remarketing
Answer 4u
Answer 4 U

The UK’s leading call answering service, who serve thousands of clients and operate their 24 hour call centre from central England.

Darren McCowan
“In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, it’s refreshing to deal with experts where integrity is at the forefront of everything they do.”
- Darren McCowan, Marketing Manager


Increse In Leads
Increase in Leads from Google
Cost Per Lead
Per Lead From Per per Click
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in conversion rate

Operating for over a decade, Complete Marquee is a family owned business whose main source of traffic and income is Google.

However in recent years business owner David, who had been managing the company’s Google AdWords account ad hoc, had "seen a worrying drop in performance".

With competitors popping-up in his market place, David wanted us to ensure his website was in front of the right people at the right time - and to squash his competitors, of course!

Year on year performance has been stellar, with costs per lead driven down just under £10. On a recent call Dave summed up "we’re so busy - honestly, I couldn’t be happier."

How We Did It

  • - Google AdWords
  • - Bing Advertising
  • - Conversion Optimisation
  • - Remarketing
Complete Marquees Mock
Complete Marquees

A leading wedding events and party marquee hire company, covering Hampshire, London, Surrey and the south of England.

“We’ve never had so much money in the bank ”
- David Morris, Managing Director

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