Twitter Traffic Rises Substantially Following Google Move

A study conducted by SimilarWeb found that Twitter has increased its monthly visits by 35 million between February and June this year.

Six months after Google began re-indexing tweets, the website’s organic search traffic has increased by 20 percent.

According to reports, Google first began indexing about 3 percent of public tweets over the summer; however, this wasn’t enough to increase search engine traffic significantly.

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SimilarWeb’s study reports that the largest increase in traffic Twitter received occurred during June and July. During this two month period, desktop searches increased by 14 percent, which translates to 25 million extra visits.

The study also found that more internet users are staying on Twitter after getting there through a Google search. The website’s bounce rate has decreased by 6.5 percent in the past four months.

The searches that are increasing traffic specifically involve people and brand names. These types of searches are most likely to lead users to Twitter. Other kinds of Google searches are not as likely to garner Twitter feed results, unless the user has googled a trending topic.

Search results for Twitter content has increased substantially. Credit: Mozcast


Twitter’s streams are often found under the company’s website, which puts it above other popular Google results, such as YouTube and news sites.

The social media site’s increase in traffic may not seem like a big deal to some, but it makes a large difference to active Twitter users, particularly those who are trying to increase their presence on the social media site.

Twitter Users Reap the Benefits

An increase in site traffic means more people will be viewing tweets. When people search for a name or a company, they may be lead straight to that company’s Twitter page.

Additionally, if the content presented in the tweets is appealing enough, a larger number of Google searches could lead to an increase in traffic to official websites, sales, followers, and re-tweets or shares.

In order for traffic to increase to an individual’s content however, the Twitter user’s site must be indexed. To determine whether an account is indexed one can simply search for their name or their company’s name on Google. If the Twitter account does not come up among the first search results, it could mean that the website is not active enough in comparison to other accounts that are being indexed.

More Traffic = More Twitter Users?

Despite the growth in traffic and exposure, the spike in Twitter traffic is not increasing the amount of people joining the social media site. In quarter three, Twitter’s monthly users increased by a mere three million.

Yet whilst the partnership with Google has not increased business yet, the dramatic increase in traffic and the benefits the increased traffic provides to users means the social media site could soon see an increase in active Twitter users.

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