The Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Social Media

Depending on how you look at it, Social media is a runaway success, a modern-day phenomenon. Individuals and businesses flock to their favourite platforms in their tens of millions.

Updating, sharing, commenting, flaring (I believe that’s a thing) and interacting on a scale never seen before.

But is it all noise?


If you’re on the fence and unsure of the direct benefits for your business, below I set out the top 10 reasons that might change your mind.

  • 1

    Don’t drive traffic to your website

    Study after study has shown the power of social to drive direct traffic to your website. This comes from sharing useful information with your following, keeping them interested and entertained without being overly promotional.

A good ratio is to work by is 80/20 in that 80% of the time you should be useful, educational, interesting, humorous, insightful and thus continually providing value to your audience.

Avoid Social Media if you don’t want traffic to your website.  Click to tweet
  • 2

    Dismiss search rankings

    It really depends on where you look and who you trust, but Social Media posting has strong correlations with higher rankings. With Google’s recent Twitter alliance you can bet their starting to index, search and scrape data from Tweets. That can only mean good things for active Twitterati.

You don’t need to index your content via Twitter, it’s overrated. Be the turtle, not the hare!  Click to tweet
  • 3

    F*** brand awareness

    We’re a planet of modern day researchers. Being socially active (in a digital sense) makes you look good, gets you found and allows people to empathise with your brand. It’s a clear trust signal that you’re human and worth dealing with.

Like that matters for toffee – business is about making money, f*** brand!  Click to tweet
  • 4

    Ignore prospective customers

    Nationwide, one of the UK’s leading building societies, recently launched a 24 hour Twitter support service. Existing and potential customers can tweet a question and Nationwide will answer it, fast and succinct. How very modern, how very customer centric of them.

So if you’re not wishing to look like the caring type, which is for sissies anyway, just ignore customers on social media!  Click to tweet
  • 5

    Forget monitoring & reporting

    If you can’t measure it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Discharging your marketing budget at the wall of options available to you isn’t a strategy. In fact it’s incredibly wasteful.

Fortunately in this day and age we have so many tools at our disposal that enable us businesses to monitor and measure the results of our online efforts.
I hear ya’ – what a load of bollocks!

Who cares about stats and analytical data when you’ve got an infinite marketing budget, right?  Click to tweet
  • 6

    Lose your voice

    Social Media offers the modern business a wealth of opportunity to not only talk about what you do, but interface on a personal level with customers. It enables you and your staff to convey their personalities, to humanise your brand and grow your market share.

A strong voice is a strong brand.

But you like to keep your opinion to yourself, it’s much safer, leave the ‘chatty’ nonsense to your competitors!  Click to tweet
  • 7

    Don’t build relationships

    You’ve slowly built traffic and reach, your voice is in full swing and now your delighted customers are directly interacting with you. Building relationships has never been so easy in our ‘always on’ technological world.

The opportunity to converse with and delight your customers at the flick of a few keys has never been so ripe. Social Media really is a fantastic rapport building exercise and one that your customers will appreciate.

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  • 8

    Real time = time consuming

    With speed and instantaneous action comes risk of course, but the upside is a wealth of versatile platforms that fit nearly any type of business. Your message to the world, in minutes.

Latch on to industry trends, interact and share your own content, or create your own hyper-climate around your creative expressions. It’s happening every second of every day which makes Social an exciting challenge and venture for your brand.

No thanks. Social media sounds risky, it’ll blow over soon enough!  Click to tweet
  • 9

    It’s free, it’s probably s***

    A favoured marketing method for startups and SME’s for the sole reason Social doesn’t cost anything. That’s not to say big brands don’t love Social too, because they very much do.

Sure, it takes time to grow your social marketing and time is indeed money, but when the starting point is free it’s a damn sight cheaper than many other options out there.

But I’ve always been told nothing worth having comes free.  Click to tweet
  • 10

    Traditional #marketing is so 2015

    Digital Marketing has come of age, and again. Traditional interruption marketing tactics are falling by the way side and the new era of digital has arrived.

Instead of forcing your message in the faces of a broad audience who may, but probably don’t want to hear what your have to say, you can now service those with the intent to actually ‘commerce’ with you.

Oh but technology is a bind. All we need is a good slogan and a billboard.

Social Media – it’s just a big fad, don’t worry about it.  Click to tweet

…now, don’t forget to share!

Ed Leake

Author: Ed Leake

Ed is the director of Midas Media and has served in the technology industry for just shy of twenty years. Ed believes in the constant development, improvement and the maturing of ideas. Outside of work Ed enjoys motorsport, yet more fresh coffee and doughnuts.

  • Recruitment Nut

    Great article! I particularly liked ‘Who cares about stats and analytical data when you’ve got an infinite marketing budget, right?’ I’m starting up a business, so I spent a couple of weeks doing some really thorough research into twitter and other free social media / online marketing options. I use twitter analytics every day, to make sure that I am reaching the right audience. Quality over quantity is absolutely key! In the past couple of days I have more than doubled my number of followers, AND attracted my target demographic. I cannot shout loudly enough about the benefits of social media!

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