Study Finds Businesses Missing 80% of Social Media Enquiries

More and more consumers are going to social media to not only keep in touch with loved ones but communicate their likes and complaints with the companies they do business with. It’s gotten to the point now that social media is the first port of call for a business’s PR response. study-businesses-miss-social-enquiries

This new norm means that customers expect a reply from business’s. Being ignored is a frustrating result, yet that is what a great many businesses are doing this day. The numbers have come in and the results show that over 80% of all comments and communication via social media go ignored by the companies they are intended for.


Sprout Social compiled the numbers and pieced together a disheartening trend for the fourth quarter of 2014. The holiday season is the bread and butter for most companies, particularly retailers, but many decided to ignore the hands that feed them during this busy time for consumer shopping. An abysmal 16.35% response rate was recorded to customers about their concerns.

The potential to compound on this negligence is the trend that even more people are going to utilize social media as a means to having their voices heard. Last year bore testimony to this as a 21% increase was seen on incoming messages to retailers from the third to fourth quarters. The upward movement for this year is projected by Sprout Social as the Facebook and Twitter presence of companies will have an influx of over 1,500 messages a day during the holiday season. If these patterns hold, five out of every six posts and tweets will not be replied to by the retailer.

Even those businesses that are diligent in maintaining their social media presence lack prudence in two areas. One is that response time is frequently over twelve hours. Further, their posts are likely to be run over by a promotional pitch which further distances the customer from purchases or visits in the future. In conjunction with this, retailers are paying more attention to Twitter when their focus should be on Facebook where complaints are visible for longer and more numerous. 2015 in the third quarter was witness to more people using Facebook than Twitter for company feedback. Companies are not reacting fast enough to this new trend.

Sprout Social encourages retailers to take a more in depth focus on their Facebook pages. Consumers go there to seek specific answers and solutions. Brand name improvement can be seen quickly when one improves not only response percentage but the time in which a response is issued. A small investment in this area will have not only more fires put out but consumers coming to sing praises over addressed issues.

Anna Schäfer

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