Facebook is rolling out Verified Badges for local business pages

Today Facebook is starting the roll-out of its new verified page badges for local businesses in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with more to follow.

What are Verified Badges?

Verified badges (see below) have been around for quite some time and the idea is shared with Twitter. The verified tick symbol has been previously used for large brands, celebrities and sports team pages. They are basically a way in which Facebook can “verify” that a celebrity profile actually belongs to the mentioned celebrity/brand. A business verification will basically do the same thing but for a business. Instead of a blue tick it will be a grey tick for businesses.

Facebook and Twitter Verification Badges
Facebook and Twitter both have verification badges

What difference does it make?

Getting a verified badge is not only good for gaining new likes to your Facebook page but it also helps Facebook users find the authentic pages and not unofficial ones that may be damaging your business reputation. It also increases your position in the Facebook search pages, giving you a boost over your competitors, so it’s well worth doing.

As it is a new feature, it is well worth getting your badge as soon as possible, as it then gives you a step up on your competitors, even if it is only for a few days. If you are a small business it could be a number of months before your competitor realises that Verified badges are available for business pages.

Another reason why this feature is great for small businesses is that any duplicated company Facebook pages created over time (by various members of past staff) will no longer be a problem. You can simply verify your current primary page.


Facebook Verified Badges Begin Roll-out

How do I add a Facebook Verified badge?

For businesses that are eligible for the badge, you will be able to access the feature in your page settings under general > page verification. The verification can take place immediately by providing the business’s publically listed phone number or by uploading an official document like a phone bill, which will take several days to process.

Facebook has updated its help page to provide businesses with all the information they need to verify their page. This feature is only currently available to businesses that display their physical location on Facebook. However, they plan to open up this option to all Facebook business pages in the coming weeks.

Following on from last month’s Facebook page updates which improved the usability of pages on mobile and increasing the visibility of the call to action buttons, this is another step in the right direction for businesses.

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