Is Your Business Too Boring Or Sensitive For Social Media?

Do you believe that your business model is so seemingly dull that you won’t ever excel in the exuberant world of Social Media? Is it too delicate to release into the online wilderness?

Well, I’m about to blow your mind with the scenario of a funeral directors business.

That’s right. Funeral directors – on Social Media.

Your business is only as boring as you perceive it to be.

What follows is an example of just how effective Social Media marketing can be, no matter what the sector, service or product or connotations.

A 3-Step Social Media Strategy For A Funeral Directors Business:

Due to the sensitive nature of such a business, it is of course important to exercise caution when entering the realms of Social Media. However, this needn’t render it impossible to launch a successful online marketing campaign.

  • 1Step #1

    Search your product or service for emotional and practical USPs

    The whole concept of Social Media Marketing is to delve into your unobvious USPs and pinpoint opportunities which are somewhat detached from your product or service, turning these into shareable pieces of content. Content which in the end, subconsciously directs your followers right back around to your offering.

We’re going to tap into a popular subject of interest for many hundreds of thousands of people:

Environmental friendliness.

“Okayyyy. But what does that have to do with a funeral directors business?”

I’ll explain:

The coffins which the funeral directors produce are made from materials which are 100% sourced from natural or recycled materials. The high quality wood is sculpted from trees which were not only replaced when felled – but 5 seeds for 5 trees were planted in place of each.

This is something many people are naturally passionate about and are willing to promote without being pushed.

However, the funeral directors have previously failed to capitalise on this favourable distinction from their competition.

That’s the emotional USP distinguished. Now for the practical:

Typically, funeral directors are expected to be compassionate, personal and professional. Yet as with any business model, there are those who do things well and those who do things, well… better.

This particular funeral directors are the latter. Their service is nothing short of remarkable and this hasn’t gone unrecognised. Multiple awards have been received and PR coverage is frequent in the local papers.

In addition to this credibility, the respected CEO of the business creates inspiring, therapeutic videos provided to his clients who have lost loved ones. The videos give exceptional advice and plenty of resources for coping with the grieving process.

Again, the company has not utilised these selling points in any way through Social Media.


  • 2Step #2

    Outreach to those who will amplify your USPs without question

    This step is critical. Marketing (that works) is built on relationships. I’m not suggesting you promote your services in a sales pitch. Nobody enjoys that.

Instead, inform people with clout of your non-sales related initiatives and ways which you offer value to society. The respected figures could include founders of popular organisations, community forums and government members…

These people will be a key component in the amplification of your stuff. Free of charge.

Let them know when your Social Media campaign is about to launch and if they would be interested in contributing in any way. Do they have suggestions or quotes which they would like to add? Can you interview them and include this in your messaging?

Massage their egos to gain the ‘you-scratch-my-back’ mentality.

Using these methods for the funeral directors, contact ‘green’ organisations and activists with substantial followings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (the channels with most reach and sentiment value).

Celebrities are another opportunistic contact point to consider.

To spread the word of the CEO’s therapeutic videos, contact non-profit organisations which provide therapy options to the public.

  • 3Step #3

    Create powerful, distinct imagery and messaging

    Don’t let your campaign down at the last hurdle. These are the two elements which bring your content to life! (Sorry, sorry, no pun intended. Honest.)

The funeral directors will need a host of custom imagery for their Social Media strategy. It needs to be influential. It needs to be passionate. It needs to feel real to make an impact.

So, the ‘green’ campaign would entail pushing out hard-hitting, emotion-evoking images of deforestation with memorable wording.

Help spread the word. We can all do our bit. #environmentalawareness #savethetrees


It is this power of messaging and visual recall which will stamp a permanent mark on your audience. Although not directly related to the service being promoted in this instance, I am subconsciously driving home the fact that this brand is ‘for the people’.

A subject of such power gains trust, credibility and influence. It is this which creates the propensity to share and support – and the all-important subconscious link between these emotions and the brand.

It is also a good idea to brand up your images! Each time they are shared, they will carry your logo and website address.

Who Said Your Business Couldn’t Do Social Media?

Sam Hurley

Author: Sam Hurley

Part of the new breed, Sam is Head of Search at Midas Media. A modern marketer who balances technical intricacies of SEO with deep knowledge and experience of broader Digital Marketing, he enjoys results. And fast cars.

  • Hi Sam,

    I LOVE this article. So absolutely true… especially this quote: “Your business is only as boring as you perceive it to be.”

    In my mind there are so many things a funeral home could do and if the message is right and the timing is right and the service is top of the line there can be opportunities for 3rd party endorsement and social comments/shares from their customers.

    I teach my clients and content consumers that their message is the #1 most important thing they will ever do – Clarity + Focus = Execution.

    Clarity is the driver of business yet most skip it and run straight to focus where they create strategies and goals.

    But strategies and goals independent up clarity only creates more boring posts, attraction of the wrong audience and loss of sales.

    The reality is that they have the horse before the cart.

    Fantastic illustration Sam.

    Again, it was great to meet you on Ron’s site and I’ll be sure to be back often to check out what you have to say. Your content is very well thought out and engaging.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Thanks again for your comments Don, much appreciated!

      Yes, so many get it wrong and attempt to drive their business solely through promotional-orientated posts; which on social media, is a waste of time.

      Promotion is fine, but in moderation.

      There are so many angles a business can take when crafting content; angles which create affinity throughout their audiences and ultimately end in conversions.

      The length of time a customer is in your funnel does not matter – all that matters is the conversion!

      As you say, testimonials and customer engagement on social media is a great method of indirect advertising…and one which is paramount.

      Thanks Don, speak soon.

      I’ll check out your website when I get a moment!


  • Carl Ramallo

    Hi Sam,

    I could nit agree more. We need to be excited about our business, if not we are just going to be another Social Media Statistic. Excitement is what we do is what fuels our Success. Successful people maintain a positive focus around them-no matter what. It is what gets them closer to the fulfillment of their goals! Cheers 🙂

  • Hey Carl!

    You got it – There’s always reasons to be excited about a brand. You just need lateral thinking and great execution of ideas. Delivering the right message that aligns with business objectives is key 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

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