Is It Time For You To Hire A Social Media Manager?

Social media can often be a time-consuming and frustrating task – we’ll even admit to this and it’s our expertise! However, we’ll also admit that it can be incredibly rewarding watching your following grow and your content being shared across the world… Sounds dramatic I know but it’s true

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And with worldwide shares and a steady increase in followers you will see your brand grow as people become more aware of your business and your presence grows online.

Sounds great, right?

But who’d have thought posting just 140 characters of content could take up so much of your time. Here’s the issue – finding or creating the content that’s relevant, engaging, on brand and most importantly sharable is time-consuming!

On top of this you must constantly monitor your accounts, consistently post and interact with others. Do you have the time? Knowledge? Dedication?

Is it time to hire

Do you need to hire a Social Media Manager?

Here are the signs you need to look out for:

So you’ve set up a couple of profiles for your business on Social Media and you post ad hoc when you have the time or if you have any exciting news to share.

If you encounter the following characteristics, it might be time to consider handing over to those with the time and expertise…

#1 Your posts lack engagement

Lack of engagement from your audience could be down to a number of reasons. It’s vital that you spend time analysing yours and your competitor’s social media content to discover what kind of content works best for your industry.

You also need to do your research on the social networks you’re posting to – maybe you’re posting the wrong type of content for those networks. You may even need to consider if you’re on the right networks for your business. As well as this, you need to get to grips with social media tools and features. The Hashtag for example is an important tool you can learn how to utilise to boost engagement with your content.

#2 You can’t keep your profile up-to-date with the latest ‘real time’ news or trends

Social networks are fast-paced, particularly Twitter. If you can’t keep up with the latest news and trending topics, you’ll be left behind. Your content will be seen as irrelevant to the ‘here and now’ nature of Twitter users.

Again, you can utilise the Hashtag to mark your content as relevant to the latest trends. It’s essential you monitor the latest trends regularly.

News and special occasion days/periods are a brilliant excuse for topical marketing. October 13th for example is ‘#NoBraDay’ which would be brilliant for an underwear company – but they can only jump on this if they’ve done their research.

#3 You find social media a chore

If you find social media an inconvenience then you clearly need a manager to take it off your media is supposed to be social

Social media is supposed to be fun, in-the-moment and most importantly SOCIAL. It’s about building a community and nobody wants to be in a club with someone who doesn’t really want to be there.

#4 You simply don’t have the skillset

Don’t worry, social media isn’t for everyone.

Here you have two options: take a course and do your research, adding social media marketing as yet another bow to your string OR hire a social media manager who can take all that hassle off your hands.

#5 You find it difficult to reply to engagement within 12 hours

Dedication is key to social media, you must be ready for Twittering (or any network) action at a moment’s notice.

Why? Because a customer review or a bad comment needs addressing pretty much immediately before it gets out of hand a great social media manager can turn that review/comment (good or bad) into gold.

#6 You lack of a social media marketing strategy

You’re posting content to your networks when you get chance, maybe every day, sometimes every other but do you have a wider strategy in place to make sure you don’t miss opportunities? Do you have goals that you can measure?

A strategy will ensure that you can put in place social media marketing campaigns to support your wider marketing efforts for your business.

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A social media strategy is great for when you’re launching a new product, hosting or attending an event, or promoting some exciting news. With your strategy you can plan whole campaigns months in advance, schedule the posts, sit back and relax as you watch the traffic flow, all you have to do during the campaign is make sure you reply to the engagement you receive.

#7 Monthly social media reports are forgotten

You don’t have monthly social media report? Or often forget to generate them? Or simply don’t know how to create and analyse a report?

A report is a must. Without a report, how do you know the worth of your social media efforts? A social media manager will be able to measure the real value and success of your social media and hand them to you on a plate for your enjoyment.

Dedication, That’s What Ya’ Need!

Hiring a new person is a tricky and time-consuming task, so you need to weigh up your options and ask yourself, do you have the time and skillset to dedicate to your social media?

If the answer is no, or if you have to sacrifice other tasks to commit yourself to social media then you should seriously consider recruiting a dedicated social media manager.

That said, recruiting is tricky, time-consuming and costly.

For most SME’s we’d highly recommend outsourcing to a dedicated social media team. A team who free up your time, have you covered, are operational all year round, and cost three times less than hiring a new employee.

Yeah you guessed it… we can do that!

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