Instagram is Broadening its Marketing Horizons

Instagram has come a long way in the last five years. What started out as a simple iPhone app has become a huge success after being acquired by Facebook. Instagram is a social site that allows users from across the globe to connect using photos.

In the past, marketers were required to purchase advertising space through an Instagram sales representative. This process was slow and discouraged many.

Now, Instagram has opened its ad platform to all internet marketers and even third party platforms. This is a profound shift in Instagram’s approach to advertising.

It is obvious how Instagram will benefit from this move. Instagram will see a massive increase in ad revenue. But, how will this move affect internet marketers and Instagram users? Will Instagram’s users benefit from this change?

Marketers and Brands

Today, marketers can manage their campaigns themselves. This change has made Instagram a much more efficient advertising platform. Marketers now have a ground-breaking level of access to Instagram’s growing community. Many Facebook advertisers are now placing their ads on Instagram.

The amazing global reach offered through Instagram makes it a perfect platform for digital marketers. Over 180 countries are currently accessing Instagram, and the social site is expected to expand even more in the near future.

When marketers use Instagram’s advertising platform, they will have a high level of control over their marketing campaigns.

With a simple click of a button, marketers can place their existing Facebook ads on Instagram. This ability allows marketers to use Facebook’s targeting ability to remove the guesswork involved with utilizing a new publisher.

With this tailored approach, marketers can quickly ensure their key performance indicators are being met.

Users Benefit the Most

Instagram’s interface gives brands a great opportunity to interact with their customers in real time. It is possible that Instagram’s users will actually get the most benefit from brands using this social site.

To be successful, brands will have to deliver a positive experience to the users as well as keep them engaged in the same way that ordinary Instagram content would. This is especially true because this advertising platform has not been around for very long. It is still a new concept and users are accustomed to an ad-free experience.

Brands can achieve user engagement by using captivating visual effects and other creative options. Brands will be able to test different image formats, such as portrait and landscape. The advertising on Instagram is largely native – that is, it is presented in the same format as ordinary content.

If marketers target their potential clients properly with content that is relevant, they will be rewarded. In the end, marketers and Instagram users will both benefit.

Anna Schäfer

Author: Anna Schäfer

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