Facebook is Evolving Canvas Ads

Facebook’s ‘Canvas’ feature of its advertising service is being developed to increase adoption and ease-of-use.

Facebook launched Canvas in February of this year, a way for businesses of all sizes to optimise their mobile advertising.  It’s common knowledge that mobile-based buying is swiftly becoming the preferred means for consumers and with that in mind Facebook set about making the experience more user friendly; formatting Canvas to allow for full screen, fast loading ads.

At the end of September, Facebook announced it is upgrading the Canvas feature to allow for an even greater dexterity of advertising for any business. When Canvas was first launched the only goals that could be set were for website conversions and website clicks, now this will be extended to a variety of different goals such as video views and brand awareness.

Facebook’s biggest selling point of the new and improved Canvas feature is to make it functional for any size or type of brand. In order to do this Facebook will eventually enable a simplified creation process within Canvas to allow for quicker, easier creation. This will include a template feature which will speed up the process for marketers whilst maintaining the creative aspect.

There will also be a greater range of metrics that marketers can utilise to ensure their campaigns are successful. Marketers and businesses will now be better placed to monitor the success of their Canvas-built designs from which they can refine for future advertisements.

Even more exciting is the addition of a 360 video feature. Facebook have always stated that the Canvas feature allows for an ‘immersive’ experience, but now it seems they are taking it to a whole new level with videos that literally engulf the reader.

Not all of the new features are up and running yet but Facebook has assured marketers that it will roll them out over the coming weeks.

The future of mobile marketing continues to expand and as ever, Facebook’s ambitions has put it at the forefront.

Nakita Mason

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