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Digital Stuff that Got My Attention, the August Edition

August, the sixth month of the Roman calendar and also the month (back in 1762) when the sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich. Indeed. digital-marketing-roundup-august-2015

This month is a mixed bag of fast food marketing, even faster execution and a Scottish fluorescent-orange carbonated canned drink going viral.
August then, was a triumph.

Roses are Red, Burgers are for Flipping

Content Marketing

In an elaborate publicity stunt, Burger King is asking McDonald’s if it will join forces for a good cause.


“Burger King is running full-page ads in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune that ask McDonald’s – the Taylor Swift to its Katy Perry – for a day long end to the bad blood.”

In fact, BK suggests the two should come together, take the “best” parts of their Whopper and Big Mac, and create one big “unthinkable” fusion burger called the McWhopper (which amidst the content shock noise is a lovely piece of content marketing).

How Google Handles Links on Redirected Pages

Search Engine Optimisation

It doesn’t….


Live and Tweeting

Social Media

“One thing that is very apparent is that people might want to watch what they say, particularly if tweets are hitting the web in real time.”

Tweets Appearing Real Time in Desktop Google Search Results Now

Passwords no longer humdrum


Technically I read this post last month, but I didn’t do a July edition… and it’s worth your time reading.


Seriously – it’s inspiring stuff:

How a Password Changed My Life

Violent Execution in the Modern Era


According to Dave Girouard, a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week. I tend to agree – just get it done already!


“I believe that speed, like exercise and eating healthy, can be habitual.”

Speed as a Habit

Curation not in the English Dictionary

Content Marketing

31 experts disagree.

Aside from the wordy title, that took me a coffee hit to get over, there’s a good read and running theme within:

“Content curation is a component of any smart content marketer’s overall content strategy. But many marketers don’t quite understand what content curation is, let alone how to go about curating content effectively so that it complements your content creation and content promotion efforts. The last thing you want to do is alienate your audience with curated content that doesn’t resonate with them or meet their needs.”

31 Content Marketing Experts Share Their #1 Tips and Best Practices for Effective Content Curation

Going Viral in the Heat of the Topical Moment

Content Marketing

A detailed (and interesting) case study of one very effective viral adventure; one that introduced 100,000+ new visitors to their website in under 48 hours.

“When something goes viral it generally becomes flavour of the month with the press. Use that to your advantage, by creating shareable, emotive content based around the same topic (but also relevant to your business), and share in high traffic places to get the ball rolling.”

Viral Link Building: How I Got 100K Visits & Links From The Press (With A Can Of Irn-Bru)

The Tweet that Went #BatShitCrazy on @Midas_UK

Social Media

This one single tweet gained 502,043 impressions on twitter, with a total of 6,196 engagements. Our Buffer analytics estimated a potential reach of over 10,000,000. All because of Ricky!


Head on over to John Gilson’s blog to see what all the interest was about:

Ricky Gervais’ Top 6 Social Advocacy Techniques on Twitter

The status of “LOL”: not a laughing matter

Social Media

A new Facebook report shows only 1.9 percent of their users are LOLing.

Emojis taking over, people laugh less, what is the world coming to?


The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter

And finally:

4 New Moments *Every Marketer Should Know

Mobile Marketing

*according to Google.

Thanks to mobile devices, consumer behaviour and expectations have forever changed.


Grab a copy of the pdf version here.

Ed Leake

Author: Ed Leake

Ed is the director of Midas Media and has served in the technology industry for just shy of twenty years. Ed believes in the constant development, improvement and the maturing of ideas. Outside of work Ed enjoys motorsport, yet more fresh coffee and doughnuts.

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