Christmas ECommerce Tips: Boost Sales this Festive Period

68 days until Christmas, there’s still time to take advantage of the festive period

There’s still time to make changes to your eCommerce website, to advise customers of delivery, of returns and to reassure them you’re a safe pair of hands to satisfy their present purchasing power!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top ‘festive boosting sales’ techniques to arm your sales arsenal this season.

Christmas is all about snow scenes, reds and greens

Give your website a festive feel to bring Christmas to life and make the site more enjoyable. Change the homepage colour schemes to traditional festive colours such as golds, silvers, reds and greens, and consider the use of a themed background such as a snow scene. It might sound tacky but there’s a certain charm around Christmas that allows us to forgive such things. If you’re a high end retailer then you can of course lean towards ta more subtle approach.

Argos are no holds barred on this front

Promote the Christmas best seller, the lazy shoppers’ friend, gift cards and vouchers! Argos are no holds barred on this front, land on their website during the festive period and you get a full width promotion pushing gift cards. The clever bit here is you don’t buy the gift card itself, you get it ‘free’ when your spend a certain amount. Et voila, you buy one gift and you get one free – the gift card.

Consider adding Christmas themed promotions and categories in place of styling your whole landing page festively. Once again Argos are a good example here, subtle nods to Christmas in their design with snow drops and Christmas colour cues.

Boost ecommerce Sales this Festive Period

Customer reassurance is key this time of year

Be clear with your delivery terms over Christmas, ensure that customers are informed of when you’re guaranteed delivery period ends. Highlight this where possible and consider adding a countdown to your product and/or checkout pages.

Ensure that customers are informed of when you’re guaranteed delivery period ends

Returns, exchange and refunds should be prominent to reassure customers that they can easily resolve any issues after Christmas. Extend and loosen your policy over the festive season, if you’re still working to a ‘few weeks’ then you risk losing potential customers. Loosen up a little, it’s Christmas!

Can you service the last minute rush? A major competitive advantage over Christmas is securing delivery dates right up until Christmas Eve, if you can still fulfill orders and deliver them in time you’ll have an ace up your sleeve coming to the aid of the last minute (panicked) shopper.

Add value, increase revenue

Offer gift wrapping even if you wouldn’t normally because many customers will be prepared to pay more for the convenience. Obviously in offering the service make sure your back office is up to the task.


Make sure you send customers a voucher code they can redeem in January. The spend glut of Christmas more often than not has a marked impact on January and February, if you include a January gift voucher or sales offer then you increase the chances of a return visit to help traverse the notoriously quiet New Year period.

Focus on tiered promotions, bundled products and gifting. Try and include stocking fillers as up-sells, add-ons and even incentives (freebies). In addition consider incrementing discounts with higher spend, introduce mutli-buy and buy two get one free promotions.

Don’t let customers miss your marketing message, promote your promotions across your site for all to see regardless of where they enter your website.

Customer service remains key

Christmas is frantic so don’t become overwhelmed, it goes without saying you need to make sure your store remains well stocked.

Christmas shopping can be hectic but that doesn’t stop your customers remembering a bad experience

Respond to customer enquiries in a timely manner. If it means taking on additional staff, even if you’re a smaller business, then you must do so. Christmas shopping can be hectic but that doesn’t stop your customers remembering a bad experience.

Golden rule, don’t accept orders you can’t fulfill. In doing so you’re only going to create a negative impact on you, your business and your customer services. Sell hard, sell your heart out, but whatever you do don’t sell thin air.

We all love Christmas…

Well that’s not entirely true, it goes without saying different people will have different views on Christmas. However statistics show that Christmas remains the most significant retail milestone of the year. Nowhere is this more true than in online retailing where preparation can reap generous rewards. So what are you waiting for?

Of course if this all seems a bit much and you need a little respite, assistance, strategy or just a shoulder to lean on – we can help with everything eCommerce and more.

Ed Leake

Author: Ed Leake

Ed is the director of Midas Media and has served in the technology industry for just shy of twenty years. Ed believes in the constant development, improvement and the maturing of ideas. Outside of work Ed enjoys motorsport, yet more fresh coffee and doughnuts.

  • Sonya Anne

    Great ecommerce post – I will use some of these tips to gear up for the holiday shopping/shipping! THANK YOU!

    • Todd Harris

      Here’s 1 more tip. Product photos are very important as well. In the world of e-commerce, the closest that a customer could get to your product is through the photos on your website. Make sure you upload quality product photos. Most customers relate product quality to the photos they see. If you use a low quality photo, its hard for the customers to not think that the products you’re selling are sub-standard as well.

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