We Work With People Who Demand Growth

Nestled in the heart of the UK amongst the rolling hills of Leicestershire – now renowned for its Premier League fairy tale, we are perfectly placed to plot our world domination, one success at a time.

Established back in early 2011 by some bloke named Ed in his home office (spare bedroom), we’ve been practising what we preach and growing at ‘quite a good clip’ ever since.

We are Midas Media, the Google and Facebook advertising specialists who take marketing budgets and multiple them over, and over again.

One Number Speaks Volumes - our annual client retention rate is a whopping 96%.

Midas Shampoo
“48 out of 50 people prefer our shampoo to other leading brands.”

Midas Media Mantra

  • We are not mere suppliers - we are key partners
  • We are not jack of all trades - we are online advertising masters
  • We do not sell time – we sell value and results
  • We are forthright – honest and decisive
  • We will never – ever – take money, unless we’re confident of success

Core Values

Because without a core, we’re not magnetic enough to draw the best people to us. (We’re still working on our wordplay)

10x Your Investment

We’re on a crusade to help businesses avoid crap results. Our goal is to multiply your marketing budget return over and over again.

Sidestep Industry Bull Shit

Chasing industry awards and looking flashy on social media didn’t impress our customers, they would rather we be chasing their results – and that’s exactly where we focus our attention.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Google and Facebook shift the goal posts on a near daily basis, we’re constantly sniffing out the latest changes, testing ideas and ensuring we’re on the bleeding-edge of expertise.

Be the Perfect Date

We partner with a wide range of people and businesses, and across the globe too. Put simply, you’re our ‘type’ if we confidently believe we can hit your growth targets.

Guarantee Value

No-one can guarantee your results, at least not in this universe. What we can guarantee is that we will work smarter and harder than anyone else to achieve your goals.

Educate & Empower People

We understand that not everyone will be in a position to work with us. A key part of our mission therefore, is to produce educational content that empowers the modern business to take action.

Cut The Waffle, Deliver Results

Your online success is critical to the health and wealth of your business, and therefore demands treating with the utmost respect.

Internet based advertising represents an exciting opportunity to consistently grow your business whilst maintaining a sustainable, competitive edge.

But - finding an agency that is both trustworthy and who can deliver results is not straightforward. Many business owners and senior marketers approach us after having been burnt by previous experiences. That’s no fun for anyone.

Our simple promise to you - if we aren’t entirely confident that we can make you money, we won’t take your money. We build relationships before sales, always.

I Want Growth