3 Essential Free Tools To Monitor Social Media. Painlessly.

If you want to know how to track Social Media mentions, conversations and engagements with your brand – you’ve come to the right place!

The fast-moving nature of Social Media means it is nothing but essential to keep a close eye on your company’s social campaigns.

Complaints, negative comments and competitor PR stunts are nothing uncommon for businesses small and large. Occurrences which all demand attention.

The nuisance is time. Monitoring every social network, each tweet and numerous customer responses eats so much of it.

However, this needn’t be the case with simple utilisation of a few helpful tools…


Use Free Social Media Monitoring Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Hurrah! Let the auto-monitoring begin:

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    Social Mention

    One of the most popular free monitoring and listening tools for Social Media, Social Mention monitors in excess of 100 Social Media networks – so it can pretty much become your one-stop shop for brand monitoring.

With helpful additions including sentiment, strength, passion and reach measurement, Social Mention offers quick insights to your social content not otherwise available using non-paid tools.

It’s visually pleasing interface makes data easily digestible, which is also swiftly manipulated into an Excel document if preferred. No log in required!

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    This platform is a compacted hub for the most popular social media channels. You have the ability to view each one of your active platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+) and perform most engagements as you would on the social networks themselves.

A great feature of this tool is the ability to schedule your posts in advance. Not only that, scouring your Facebook then switching to Twitter is as simple as one click of a mouse. Saves plenty of time logging in, then logging out, then logging in…

It’s a great tool for multiple users as each team member is able to effortlessly locate messages scheduled by others.

Users on the free plan also get access to a few analytical reports, including click summaries.

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The rabbit hole that is Klout often causes a competitive stir in social media crowds. At its heart, it provides a measurement of social influence by assigning a point-based score to users. This score is based on a variety of factors, such as the engagement and quality of content on their social platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Whilst some users dismiss Klout scores as inaccurate, it is nonetheless the most established method of easily monitoring the influence of certain profiles. As a user’s social influence grows, their Klout score increases. Further, users can gain ‘expert’ status in a particular subject, based on what they post.

Along with monitoring the influence of your social media peers, Klout allows users to explore what content is proving popular within certain industry topics. The content that is determined to be popular is often that which is posted by users with the highest Klout score in that industry.

This is great for discovering what content – and therefore ideas & news – is resonating in your niche.

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The Roundup

So there we have it, 3 great free tools to make the life of Social Media marketers a whole lot easier.

Social Mention

  • Probably the most popular Social Media listening tool
  • Monitors in excess of 100 social networks
  • Includes sentiment, strength, passion and reach metrics
  • Options to export data into Excel


  • A hub to monitor most of your social networks in one place
  • Schedule posts and perform engagement actions as you would on social networks
  • Easily switch to view streams of each social network without logging in and out
  • Multiple team members can use the platform and schedule posts simultaneously
  • Brief reporting features available for users on the free plan


  • Allows you to monitor the influence of your social media peers
  • See what content is causing a stir in your industry on social
  • Identification of social media influencers – great for outreach
  • An addictive competition to gain the highest Klout score
Sam Hurley

Author: Sam Hurley

Part of the new breed, Sam is Head of Search at Midas Media. A modern marketer who balances technical intricacies of SEO with deep knowledge and experience of broader Digital Marketing, he enjoys results. And fast cars.

  • Sam, I’d suggest one more popular Free social media search and monitoring tool for your list: Social Searcher. It allows to search for content in popular social networks with deep analytics and email alerts.

    • Thanks for the heads up Dimitri – Looks great! I’ll look into this and add it to future pieces 🙂

  • Hi Sam! Thanks for sharing this thought! one of the best Social Media Monitoring tool for tweeter is Tweetreach….You can use it effortlessly to see your social grow!

    • Thanks Sabah, checking it out now 🙂

  • Great read! But my favorite isn’t included. 🙁

    I’m using Socialdraft for my clients, aside from scheduling and reports, they also have this alert feature where you can enter a keyword and it will alert you with relevant posts using the keyword, then you can schedule or share the post you like.

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